Sunday, 3 June 2018

Picture Of A Yellow Flower

I'm not sure what the name of this flower is, but I just spotted it growing wild in a field (it's hard to miss) so thought I'd take a picture of it. It reminds me a bit of a Sunflower, but it obviously isn't one of those. I bet its a really well-known flower and I'll feel stupid when I find out its name.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Abandoned Land Rover Discovery 1996

I'm always looking around in strange, urban, and sometimes derelict places. I just love to walk and explore, always have. The further away from the city the better. On one of my recent explorations I ended up finding this abandoned dark blue Land Rover Discovery (1996 N Reg) on top of a huge hill. I think its a land fill site. The car itself is definitely a non-runner and looks in pretty bad shape all round. But Discovery's, or Disco's as some people like to call them, are sought after where spare parts are concerned, so I bet there's a lot that could be salvaged from this car. Anyway, that's not my area, and I have no interest in that, I'm just there for the pictures.

Abandoned Land Rover Discovery 1996 Car

Got loads of different images on this day, and quite a few of this car. But I won't bore you or make this post slow to load by embedding a library of images, just a few of my worst ones will do. What camera am I using I hear you ask? Well, I'm still using my trusty little Samsung WB500 as an everyday walk-about camera, which is what these pictures were taken with. Having a good battery life, decent zoom, and being very versatile, it's a good, cheap choice for taking with me on my local travels.

I've been reading more online about the WB500 lately, and what I've come to find out is that its more loved than I first thought it was. People really see this little point and shoot as a really good camera. Reviews are great, even on some of the really picky photography websites it sores highly. And I'm mostly in agreement with their opinions. But you know what its like, once you've owned something like a camera for a while, technology improves, personal needs or wants change, or the novelty wears off a bit and you start looking at other models.

Car-Broken-Left-Behind This one never made it out.

This is happening to me at the moment with cameras. I've been looking at the Panasonic Lumix Bridge cameras quite a lot. Mainly the older models. Not sure which one I'd go for, but the FZ38EB, FZ45 and DMC-FZ72 are some of the models I'm considering. And with Panasonic supposedly being one of the most reliable camera brands, it seems like a sensible choice when looking to buy a used camera, rather than new like I am. The image quality is very good also.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Samsung WB500 Delete All Photos

Old-School-Minolta-Rapid-24-35mmI've seen this question being asked in quite a lot of places. How to delete all the photos from a Samsung WB500 Camera (see some test images here). Surely, this is as simple as just formatting the SD card? If that is the case, and people are actually asking how to remove all the images from a WB500's (HZ10W) memory card - here is how to do that. And it's very easy to achieve.

Yes, I know the picture in this post is not a WB500. But it is an old school classic, and I know you'd rather see that then an up-to-date Samsung that you're most probably holding and looking at already.

How To  Delete All Photos From The Samsung WB500 Camera

  • Turn the camera on
  • Press the button in the middle of the circular navigational pad called "Menu - OK".
  • Choose the last option, which is "settings" and looks like a cog with a spanner at the side.
  • Press down on the circular navigational pad and select the first choice, which is Format.
  • Click to the right and you will see the two options appear from the drop down format menu - Yes and No.
  • Pick yes, for yes you want to format (wipe everything). 

Warning: All pictures will be gone forever, so only click yes if you are sure that you want to delete everything. There's no turning back once this is done. Press OK to wipe everything, give it a second or two to complete the operation, and that's it, all done.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sunset Through Electric Pylon Towers

Sunset through Electric Pylon Towers. Are sunset images now far too overdone.. With almost everyone now in possession of a camera (Smartphone), it's so easy to snap away and get some nice pictures of the sun going down. Everyone loves a good sunset scene. And one of the good things about photographing the falling sun is that you don't need an excellent camera with a huge mega pixel count and big sensor to capture some really nice images. No DSLR is needed. A decent point and shoot, or fairly up-to-date phone camera is more than adequate.

I think with different objects in the picture (like my Pylons!), or taken from spectacular locations, like in Hawaii, Manila bay, over a beach, or the Himalayan mountains, are certainly very special. But, we can't all be in those places, as much as we'd like to be, so a lot of the time you have to work with what you've got. And that's the other good thing about sunset images, depending on the time and setting, pictures can still be good no matter where you are in the world. After all, It's the same sun everyone is capturing, just at different times and locations around the world.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Picture Of A Man Taking A Picture

Picture of a man who was taking pictures of a tree / landscape scene. He had all his equipment. Expensive DSLR, tripod, lenses, etc. All I had was my point and shoot (WB500). He obviously didn't know I took the picture as his back was turned.. He did turn and look but I timed it well and secretly took a picture of a man taking a picture!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

More Problems With The Samsung U-CA5

Looks like I got too happy too soon. I've been back and forth with this camera. It's been going strong for many years, but has recently had a few problems. After thinking it was faulty beyond economical repair, I changed the the SD card and it started working perfectly again. But now, it has become faulty again. And that's with the new 2GB (Class 2) SD Card. The problem has changed though. Last time it developed a fuzzy screen a few seconds after being powered on. This time problem is different.

The camera powers up fine, but when I take a picture the screen freezes on the image that has been taken and just locks up. Either that or it goes through the motions of taking a picture (flash, capture noise, etc) but doesn't actually capture the image. Just a frozen black screen. Very weird. In both cases the battery has to be taken out and put back in to get it to respond. This to me looks like another memory card issue, but I have tried to take pictures with no card inserted, so just using the cameras internal memory, and still I get the same error symptoms.

It looks like my U-CA5 camera has well and truly had it's day in the sun. Ten years of days in the sun to be exact, so no complaints at all. Well, except the posts I've made complaining / explaining about it! Overall, it's a brilliant camera. But, I'm glad I bought the WB500 when I did. I've been using it more and more lately and I'm getting the hang of using it. The more I use it the more it has grown on me. Film mode is good considering how old the camera is. I've been experimenting, using it as a car dash-cam at the highest possible quality of 1280HD @30FPS. It's been really good.

Specially when considering that this camera can be bought for £25 - £30 on eBay. *Update: I'm never writing about the UCA-5 again! After everything that has happened with this camera, broke, fixed itself, broke again etc etc, it has now miraculously fixed itself yet again! Now working great again. It's like the Terminator, it just won't die. Happy days!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The UCA-5 Comes Back From The Dead

Well, don't I feel a bit silly. A while back my Samsung UCA-5 starting playing up. It developed a fault in which it would turn on but freeze after a few seconds. It happened after I left the camera in a coat pocket, and throughout the day the coat was being moved around quite a bit. I presumed that the camera had been been knocked, and as a result has developed a permanent fault that would not be worth spending the money on to get fixed. I mean, it's only a cheap camera and I've had so many years of use out of it, that I thought it was finally time to upgrade. So I did.

I bought a Samsung WB500 which came with a 2GB SD card. The SD card was only class 2, so I bought a much faster 8GB class 10 card, and the difference in write speed was definitely noticeable. But then I was thinking.. My Samsung UCA-5 still uses the same 64mb MMC+ Plus that it came with all those years ago when I first bought it. I know, lol. 64mb is nothing in this day and age, and I should have upgraded it a long time ago. But I just never needed to.

Anyway, now that I had the spare 2GB card from the new camera at my disposal I thought I would try it in the UCA-5 to see if it was compatible. I put it in, turned the camera on and it is compatible. And more importantly, and the reason for this post, since I've put the new SD card in the fault has completely disappeared! To my surprise, the camera now works perfectly again. So maybe the card got knocked / shocked and developed an error.

I never for one second thought that a fault with a memory card could make the camera crash like that. The camera would come on for a few seconds and then the screen would crash and go all fuzzy. Bad cluster on the memory card perhaps. I would have thought if the issue was a card fault the camera would have just thrown up a "card error" or something similar, not just totally stop working. I think this is very strange. But more experienced users might have encountered this problem on more than one occasion.

After comparing the two cameras over the duration of a few weeks, the WB500 has many more features and modes, but the UCA-5 beats it hands-down in auto mode by being able to capture really good images without too much effort. The WB500 is much more hit and miss when it comes to auto mode. Furthermore, the image sharpness from the UCA-5's SHD lens just has more clarity than than the WB500. Even though it's only 5mp and the WB500 is 10.2mp. However, video recording is much better on the WB500, and it has the ability to zoom while filming, a feature the UCA-5 does not have.

In the future, if I don't get a Bridge camera or an entry level DSLR, and want to stick with another small Samsung, I will definitely buy one that has an SHD lens. They seem more sharper and just better overall. I'm blown away by how long this camera has lasted me. It is one of the most reliable electronic items I have ever owned. First, I've owned it for over 10 years. And second, I thought it was dead twice. Once it was knocked off a window sill with considerable force (2 - 3 foot drop) by a cat. After that it was faulty for a while, but somehow managed to fix itself. And this time, just when I thought it was definitely dead, it turned out to be the memory card with the problem. What a great camera this has turned out to be. I've had my moneys worth many times over. But yet again, it's still going strong.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Red Tailed Hawk Photos UK

Recently, I took the Samsung WB500 out for the first time and ended up getting some decent images. On my travels I ended up coming across some people who were out training their birds of prey. One bird was a Red Tailed Hawk, and the other was a Northern Goshawk. Just walking along and then bang, out of nowhere, coming face to face with these magnificent birds, it was quite surreal at the time.

I'm no expert on bird species, and only just found out the second bird was a Goshawk through the expertise of someone else. The owner of the bird, who had a foreign accent, did tell me the species but I couldn't remember what he said after we parted company. Anyway, it turns out the Goshawk is possibly from Germany or Finland and that does make sense now considering it's handler / owner spoke with a European tone.

Anyway, this post is about the Red Tailed Hawk. I got a few pictures of the bird spreading its wings. I hope you like the pictures in this post. The lowest images is the picture of the Goshawk. There are two other pictures of these birds at the link above.

After coming face to face with these birds, and admittedly being blown away by how stunning the Goshawk was (I liked the Red Tailed Hawk too), I did a bit of research on this bird and came to find out that the Goshawk can be extremely territorial. They are a force to be reckoned with. In fact, some people call the Northern Goshawk The Red-Eyed Terror! Very interesting. There are some great videos out there on this bird. I've been watching them all day!