Sunday, 27 September 2015

Are There Too Many Cameras For Sale

I have been looking to buy a camera for months now. I'm stuck in a place that many people in my position find themselves in. Do I buy a cheap used DSLR or a brand new Bridge Camera.. Some of the DSLR's I've had my eye on are the Nikon D40, Canon 350D, Pentax K100D, Sony DSLR A390L Alpha, and the Olympus E-400 (A small dslr). I do want a DSLR camera over any other type but I'm concerned about buying a camera that is now fairly old. And by looking at various photography forums and reading about what camera brands are the most reliable, these choices, specially with the age of them now, don't really fill me with confidence.

The rate at which all the brands seem to have faults and breakdowns is quite shocking to be honest. I would have thought they would have been more reliable..I was surprised to read the Panasonic is one of the more reliable camera brands. With most of the brands being Japanese I expected better reliability. Sadly, it appears to be down to luck of the draw in many ways as to whether you end up with a good camera that will last years or a lemon that has problems.

Canon 550D - Picture Credit: WikipedianJones

For this reason I would prefer to buy some kind of cover with the camera but I don't think it's available with such old used products. So then that brings me to the Bridge Cameras. There are some excellent ones for sale. I can buy one brand new and with product cover if its available (Square Trade) for the model. Another plus for the Bridge cameras is their versatility. One example is they have super zooms, which is not something I would get with a budget DSLR that comes with the standard lens. Apparently you would have to spend thousands of pounds on lenses to get that same level of zoom capability in a DSLR.

A few Bridge cameras I've got my eye on are the Sony HX300 (Cover available), Sony HS300, Panasonic DMC-FZ72EB-K, Nikon Coolpix L330 + L340 (Cheap to buy), Fujifilm FinePix S9200, Fujifilm FinePix HS50, and the one out of my price range, the Nikon P900 that has a massive 83x Zoom!. The problem is when I narrow it down to a few choices I do more research online and find another 10 cameras of each separate brand that are either very similar to the model I've been interested in buying, or they are slightly better so then the search expands and continues. It seems never ending.

That's why I wrote the title, Are There Too Many Cameras For Sale? Now, in some ways it's great to have a lot of options to choose from, but I would have to say yes, there are too many!. This is choice overload. There are so many cameras of various brands like Nikon, Canon, etc that are basically identical to another 5 cameras of a different brand (Fuji, Sony, Panasonic) in terms of features and appearance. They may just have a few slight differences, like add on features, build quality, or upgrades. This makes it very confusing when trying to choose just one. And to be honest, I'm no closer to making a decision now then I was when I first starting looking for a new camera. Now I've discovered those retro style Olympus cameras like the OM-D EM10, PEN E-PL7, and the SH-2. They look terrific! So the search goes on..

This is worse than buying a car! Just not as expensive if it all goes wrong! The main qualities I'm looking for in a camera are super sharp, clear images and reliability. I don't care about having a thousand features like touchscreen and selfie mode that I'll probably never use.The same goes for WiFi. I'm quite old school, a USB cable is good enough for me. I just hope I end up buying one that lasts a few years. Am I asking too much? I will do an update post when I finally end up making a decision and buying one. With the way things are going expect a long wait!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pictures Of a Nice Cat Behind a Fence

Spotted this cat through a fence while out and about and thought he had strange orange eyes. He was hunting something as he kept looking in the bushes..Maybe a Moth or a Mouse, who knows. Just after these pictures were taken, little did I know because I was looking at the cat, but behind me two dogs were approaching, both off their leads. In the second picture you can see the cat become aware of them, thanks for telling me! They took me by surprise, running up to me with when my back was turned barking and looking like they wanted to bite me when I turned around. But they didn't. However, they did make the cat flap his pants and run off. They spoilt mine and the cats peaceful moment!.

Off goes the man with his two dogs (The other ones by the tree near the goals)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Water UFO

I didn't know that Orb UFOs liked the water..They don't as far as I know. It's an optical illusion. Don't worry I didn't get abducted, its just the reflection of the Sun! Looks pretty cool though.

The Poor Cows

Even though I'm not a vegetarian, so could be called a hypocrite, I do feel really sorry for animals like Cows when I see them staring back at me behind a metal gate. Are they even thinking anything..Could they be thinking "Help us mate"? "Open the Gate"..Or are they just curious to see another living thing that isn't a cow or a sheep. Who knows..One things for sure, I feel bad for them. It reminds me of a quote out of a film called The Hunted, with Tommy Lee Jones where Benicio Del Toro says something along the lines of "How would you feel if there was a species higher up the food chain than us (humans) that lost total respect for us and started slaughtering us wholesale"..Makes you think doesn't it. And it also makes me realise that me, as well as many millions of other fellow meat eaters live in denial. Or at least put it to the back of our minds.

Strangest Chemtrail Formation

Never seen a Chemtrail like this one before. That's definitely not a "Normal" cloud formation. Very strange. What exactly are Chemtrails? Some people think they are dangerous to humans, containing chemicals and heavy metals like Barium and Aluminum..