Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sunset Through Electric Pylon Towers

Sunset through Electric Pylon Towers. Are sunset images now far too overdone.. With almost everyone now in possession of a camera (Smartphone), it's so easy to snap away and get some nice pictures of the sun going down. Everyone loves a good sunset scene. And one of the good things about photographing the falling sun is that you don't need an excellent camera with a huge mega pixel count and big sensor to capture some really nice images. No DSLR is needed. A decent point and shoot, or fairly up-to-date phone camera is more than adequate.

I think with different objects in the picture (like my Pylons!), or taken from spectacular locations, like in Hawaii, Manila bay, over a beach, or the Himalayan mountains, are certainly very special. But, we can't all be in those places, as much as we'd like to be, so a lot of the time you have to work with what you've got. And that's the other good thing about sunset images, depending on the time and setting, pictures can still be good no matter where you are in the world. After all, It's the same sun everyone is capturing, just at different times and locations around the world.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Picture Of A Man Taking A Picture

Picture of a man who was taking pictures of a tree / landscape scene. He had all his equipment. Expensive DSLR, tripod, lenses, etc. All I had was my point and shoot (WB500). He obviously didn't know I took the picture as his back was turned.. He did turn and look but I timed it well and secretly took a picture of a man taking a picture!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

More Problems With The Samsung U-CA5

Looks like I got too happy too soon. I've been back and forth with this camera. It's been going strong for many years, but has recently had a few problems. After thinking it was faulty beyond economical repair, I changed the the SD card and it started working perfectly again. But now, it has become faulty again. And that's with the new 2GB (Class 2) SD Card. The problem has changed though. Last time it developed a fuzzy screen a few seconds after being powered on. This time problem is different.

The camera powers up fine, but when I take a picture the screen freezes on the image that has been taken and just locks up. Either that or it goes through the motions of taking a picture (flash, capture noise, etc) but doesn't actually capture the image. Just a frozen black screen. Very weird. In both cases the battery has to be taken out and put back in to get it to respond. This to me looks like another memory card issue, but I have tried to take pictures with no card inserted, so just using the cameras internal memory, and still I get the same error symptoms.

It looks like my U-CA5 camera has well and truly had it's day in the sun. Ten years of days in the sun to be exact, so no complaints at all. Well, except the posts I've made complaining / explaining about it! Overall, it's a brilliant camera. But, I'm glad I bought the WB500 when I did. I've been using it more and more lately and I'm getting the hang of using it. The more I use it the more it has grown on me. Film mode is good considering how old the camera is. I've been experimenting, using it as a car dash-cam at the highest possible quality of 1280HD @30FPS. It's been really good.

Specially when considering that this camera can be bought for £25 - £30 on eBay. *Update: I'm never writing about the UCA-5 again! After everything that has happened with this camera, broke, fixed itself, broke again etc etc, it has now miraculously fixed itself yet again! Now working great again. It's like the Terminator, it just won't die. Happy days!